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Group Classes starts Monday Feb 23rd at 6:30pm in Plainfield,Nj at CedarBrook School (Cafe)

Every Monday & Wednesday!! Visit Plainfieldnj.gov to sign up for the community pass. $25 for 8 classes? Pshhh, you can't beat that πŸ’ͺ YES YES YES!!! I'm your Instructor. Are you ready to Dance,Sweat and feel on top? ME TOO πŸ’ƒ #JazFit

JazFit: BabyFit!

JazFit: Using what you got, to get what you want." Night Workout ft. Baby DannyπŸ’‹ No more excuses!!! Place child on shoulder- hold on to one hip while you hold the opposite side arm over your head-  3 sets of 30 Squats. AMAZING BURN!! πŸ’ͺ

JazFit: Join me today!!

Great workouts this weekend! Fantastic work JazFitters πŸ’ͺ Join JazFit today!

Wear your Favorite Bikini / Crop top this Summer with Confidence!

Includes Mix it up Workouts: Zumba-Yoga-Crossfit-Dance!

45 minutes + Quotes/ Workouts of the Day : $20 (email or call for other sessions and prices)

Join by: Emailing me your Location-Availability-Goals and What you would like to work on. Subject Mssg: "JazFitter" -->Jazfitness@gmail.com

Or call

832-JAZ-FIT8. 24/7 line of Business! Say "JazFit" at the tone to set up your apts or for more details! 

JazFit " Using what you got to get what you want."

You Deserve it!

Your ambition needs air, open up the door." When you think about working out, sometimes the thought of the Pain will discourage you to start or to continue.. Jaz, this doesn't hurt to you?" (My Clients) YES IT DOES." But my end results sugar coats the Pain. No Pain, No Gain!

Anything worth it, isn't easy! You have to motivate yourself every second of your Life, in any situation.. Once you become in tune with your Mind,Body and Soul, a lot of things on the outside world won't effect you. You'll be so focused on YOU, you'll start to understand the importance of the Internal and the External state of mind.. No, it's not all about having ABS-FIRM BOOTIES... It's about building your endurance, challenging your Mind and Body, accomplishing something great by using "what you got!" We often seek on the outside to Find a High...a Great feeling of self..a reason to push! Dig within.. You know that voice you hear "like, just do it and stop doubting yourself.? THATS THE REAL YOU! Your second choice is always clouded and watered down with the outside world decisions. 

Train yourself to be yourself. Fight the Temptation of "External Activities" and rebuild on your Internal. 

TIP: When you find yourself going thru something (when your heart and mind is at War) -Do 15 squats and Jumping Jacks and see how rejuvenated you'll feel.."Now, why was I so upset." Will be your response.. Dig within,that's where your Light/Energy blooms from! #BecomeABetterYou #JazFit

Trainer/Classes? #JazFit

Joining "JazFit" will better your mental and physical. During these classes you will learn how to challenge your Mind and Body to Pain and Accomplishment! "When you feel the burn, push out 5 more" is what I always say..Let me help you, help you! Come join my classes in Plainfield,Nj ( Cedarbrook Park) -Weekends at 11am & 6pm. $10 Fee (health tips and foods included).
Contact me directly for personal training! "Use what you got, to get what you want." #JAZFIT

Physical&Mental Strength

Working out takes your mind away from Society and all negative thoughts. These moments puts your mind in a space of Empowerment; makes you feel like you're on top the world! This builds on your physical and mental strength and abilities, gives you feelings of accomplishment and your results..it's all up to you! #JazFit πŸ’‹